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Project Detail

Reegun Properties are fresh in the industry and needed to have some digital content to share with prospecting clients. We advised various solutions that could help create an online presence and explained how they can help. We agreed on a date and time to schedule a meeting in person to discuss further and share some of our previous work. Then we started to discuss what features they required to start and where they would like their business to expand to.

“We need a solution that is friendly to tenants, landlords and estate agents, which is easy to navigate and a clean image.”

ClientReegun Properties
Project DateJuly 2018

Responsive Website Design

To start the project a website was required to display information on their services, how they conducted the services and how easy it is for each individual to complete their simple process. 

We began to brainstorm different layouts for the website to create a free-flowing site which required minimal clicks to find what the visitor was looking for, we added many internal links to their services and contact information on every page which was clickable and responsive to mobile devices. 

Once we had a clean structure in place we began to add content which was optimised throughout and currently still being optimised for search engines and the visitors.

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Reegun mobile website

Impressive Results

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7 Page Website

Optimised & Responsive Website